​Facial Rejuvenation treatments & Skin Care in Brighton, Hove & Worthing

The Collagen Boost

The Collagen Boost ​facial rejuvenation is a non-invasive skin care treatment that uses a combination of Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Acid Peel and laser treatments to increase Collagen production in the face and neck.
Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin tone improved; it also improves photo damage and Rosacea.
Collagen is a group of proteins found in the skin's dermis and is the essential building block of skin cells that act as scaffolding to keep the skin firm and supple. The treatment is available at our clinics in Hove, Brighton & Worthing 

Who is suitable for the procedure?

The Collagen Booster is a ​facial rejuvenation skin care treatment that is suitable for all ages. Best results are seen in patients who have already started the ageing process and patients who had a significant amount of environmental damage to the skin. 

W​hat does the procedure involve?

The ​facial rejuvenation treatment starts with a gentle cleanse before Microdermabrasion is used to remove the surface dead skin cells and will bring warmth to the skin by stimulating circulation. 
Next a 40% Glycolic Peel is left on the skin for a few minutes before neutralising. This creates further heat stimulating the skin to produce new cells.

Laser treatments is then used to increase Collagen production in the skin while the skin is at temperature and the cells are active.
To finish the treatment a Hyaluronic serum will be applied to the skin which helps to retain water within the cells providing maximum hydration. 

Collagen Boost is effective for treating

​facial rejuvenation

Fine Lines
Ageing Skin
Improve Skin Tone

Improve enlarged pores

Exfoliate dead skin cells
Improve Rosacea
Sun damaged Skin

Laser treatments & skin care treatments are available at Hove, Brighton & Worthing Clinics 

​Facial Rejuvenation laser treatments in Brighton, Hove & Worthing

​facial rejuvenation skin care treatment  cost is

£250.00 per treatment
Package offer price for 3 treatment sessions, £675.00 (includes patch tes
t for laser treatment laser treatments if needed), available at our Hove, Brighton & Worthing Clinics
Consultation is free of charge