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Laser Hair Removal

Excess or unwanted hair is a common problem for both men and women. Most of us struggle for years with short-term management solutions such as waxing, plucking or shaving, but the results never last long and even the removal method itself can leave us sore with ingrowing hairs or painful rashes.
Thankfully, recent advances in laser technology now mean that we can effectively treat areas of unwanted hair to prevent hair from growing, significantly reducing or even eliminating the need to shave, pluck and wax. We offer facial hair removal as well as laser hair removal for all body area's.
How many sessions are required?
The total number of sessions required and the overall cost of treatment varies between patients and depends on the areas being treated and how effectively your body reacts to laser treatment. As a general rule of thumb, most patients typically require 6-10 treatment sessions spread out over several months to get long-lasting results, with sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
What does laser hair removal involve?
The process starts when you book a consultation with myself. I will explain to you how the treatment works, what kind of results you can expect and how many sessions you will likely require. All you need to do before your first consultation is to allow any hair to grow slightly so that I can accurately assess which areas need to be treated.
Once you are happy to go ahead with treatment I will perform a simple patch test whereby the laser is fired on the treatment area for 2-3 shots. This test area will help me to gauge what kind of energy settings should be used on your skin, and it also helps to highlight any potential problems (e.g. excess sun-tan or potential adverse reactions) which could interfere with your treatment. Next, provided that your skin hasn't reacted adversely to the patch test you can then begin your first full treatment a few days later. We offer the Laser hair removal in Brighton and also offer Laser hair removal in Worthing

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Laser Hair Removal Brighton, using the Cynosure Laser