Peter Andre has Laser Tattoo Removal at Hove Skin Clinic

Peter Andre, Katie tattoo removal, Hove Skin Clinic, Sarah Williams-Walker

Peter's Experience

Sarah Williams, "Peter Andre wanted to have his tattoo of 'Katie" removed from his ring finger. I reassured him that this was possible but would require at least 6-8 treatment sessions over several weeks. I really hope that we can clear his tattoo for him so that his life can move on. It was a pleasure to meet Peter and help him" 

What did Peter's treatment involve?

Laser tattoo removal in Hove, is a relatively simple treatment but must be provided in a Care Quality Commission registered premises and by a qualified laser expert. Sarah Williams has many years experience in treating patients with tattoo's and was more than happy to provide Peter with treatment at the clinic.
After an explanation of the treatment, Peter was asked to give written consent and to wear protective eye goggles. Sarah then fired the laser at the tattoo area, in a procedure that lasted just a few minutes.
Peter Andre was advised that the tattoo would fade over the next 2-3 weeks before another session was due. Typically, 6-8 sessions are required to achieve the best results. Side-effects typically include some mild swelling of the area and crusting of the skin can occur. Some instant fading usually occurs within a few seconds whilst it can take several weeks to remove the tattoo. 

How does tattoo removal work?

The laser energy heats up the small particles of tattoo pigment and causes a mini-explosion under the skin. The natural immune system of the body then removes the small fragments of tattoo pigment, gradually causing it to fade. Several treatments are required to remove the whole tattoo. The best results are achieved with blue/black tattoo's because they absorb greater amounts of the laser energy compared to colours such as red or yellow that may reflect light. Peter's tattoo is very suitable for treatment because of its dark colouration and relatively small size. 

Will Katie be gone forever?

After several sessions the tattoo should fade significantly and hopefully it will possible to remove all visible traces of "Katie" longer-term. 

What does laser tattoo treatment cost?

Small tattoo's typically cost around £80 to remove per session of treatment. It is important to remember that several treatments may be necessary.

Where does Sarah Williams work?

Sarah works out of Hove Skin Clinic, Worthing Laser and Skin Clinic and Brighton Laser Clinic.