Radio frequency Skin Tightening in Hove & Worthing



What is radio frequency skin tightening?
Radio frequency electrical waves heat up collagen in the deeper layer of the skin causing it to contract and re-model forming new collagen. The re-modelling of collagen fibres leads to skin tightening that is both immediate and long-lasting after a course of treatments. This improves fine lines and skin sagging. The most popular treatment areas are the face, neck, upper chest (de-décolletage). It is also one of the few treatments that can improve cellulite and stretch marks.

What are the side-effects?
One of the key advantages of the treatment is that the side-effects are very minimal compared to laser therapy or any other treatment. At the time of treatment, the skin will feel warm as it is heated by the radio frequency waves and it will go red for a few hours. The skin will typically feel immediately smoother following treatment and an instant skin lift is experienced by the majority. for most people the redness lasts just a few hours. Occasionally, mild swelling may be experienced for 3-4 days but this is not usually visible to others.

What pain relief is required?
The treatment may feel warm as the skin heats up but it would be unusual to require any pain relief before or after treatment. We do not usually need to use any topical anaesthetic creams or any analgesia.

How many treatments are required?
The standard course of treatments is for a course of 6 treatments with an annual maintenance treatment to enhance the results longer-term. We recommend an initial course of 3 sessions to assess the response over a duration of 6-8 weeks. If you are happy with the results, we then recommend to complete the final 3 sessions over the next 3-months. After completion, we recommend an annual single session of treatment to maintain the result and combat the natural ageing process.

What advice do I need to follow after treatment?
The radio frequency waves only affect the deeper layers of the skin so it is absolutely fine to apply make-up after treatment and continue with normal daily activities. We do recommend application of a facial moisturiser but this can be any brand of cream.

Can radio frequency treatment be combined with any other treatments?
We can combine radio frequency with the majority of other treatments because its acts deeply on collagen and does affect the surface of the skin. We do recommend a 2-week interval between dermal fillers and other types of laser unless carried out on the same day following the treatment.


The machine that is used for Radio frequency skin tightening in Hove, Worthing & Brighton for skin tightening is a RF Endymed Machine. For more information about radio frequency skin tightening using the Endymed 3 deep machine, the manufacturers web-site, has detailed information or contact, laser and skin clinic via this web-site.